Supported Devices & Apps

How To install the Boom Boom TV Addon:

  • How to install the Boom Boom TV APP on a Firestick or FireTV Box
  • How to install Perfect Player
  • Click Here to install a Boom Boom TV App
  • Install Boom Boom TV APPs from Filelinked.


    Boom Boom TV Smarters APP

    Boom Boom TV XCIPTV APP

    Boom Boom TV Windows Player

    Click the Boom Boom TV Windows Player picture to download the player.

    STEP 1: Open Kodi

    STEP 2: Select SYSTEM

    STEP 3: Select File Manager

    STEP 4: Select Add Source

    STEP 5: Type the following, Name it: @boomboom and select Done

    STEP 6: Go back to your Home Screen

    STEP 7: Select Add-ons

    STEP 8: Select and let it install

    STEP 9: Go back one page

    STEP 10: Select Video Add-ons

    STEP 11: Scroll down and select Boom Boom TV - and then install

    STEP 12: Go Back to your Home Screen

    STEP 13: Go to Video Add-ons

    STEP 14: Select the Boom Boom TV Addon

    STEP 15: Click the login option

    STEP 16: Enter in your username and password, click ok

    STEP 17: Click "Click Here to Login" in the add on and you should be up and running!

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us trough support tickets.

    STEP 1: Download GSE PRO IPTV from the Apple APP Store.

    STEP 2: On the left side, at the top click the 3 lines to open the menu.

    STEP 3: Go to Xtream Codes API and click the + button in the top right.

    STEP 4: Name the playlist as you wish. For example: Boom Boom TV.

    STEP 5: Then Enter URL:

    STEP 6: Enter your Boom Boom Hosting account details to login.

    STEP 7: Then Select Add.

    STEP 8: Click On Force EPG To Update.

    STEP 9: Pick your channel and start streaming.